Project Photos

Hydrothermal breccia at 74.5m of KCD02. Interval 74-75m assayed 59g/t Au.
KCD02. Part of 73-83m (10m) interval averaging 13.36g/t Au. Top: 73‐75m (2m) shown below @ 34.75 g/t Au.Bottom: 76‐77m (1m) shown below @ 7.46 g/t Au.
KCD17. Part of Interval 76‐86m averaging 27.18g/t Au.Top: 67‐69m (2m) shown below @ 4.05g/t Au.Bottom: 76‐81m (5m) shown below @12.99g/t Au.
SULFIDE ZONE. KCD08 78‐79m (1m) @ 6.9 g/t Au.
KCD25 132‐133m (1m) @ 4.88 g/t Au)
KGD 2020-01 BOX#9
KGD 2020-01 BOX#10
KGD 2020-01 BOX#11
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